No matter who you are: a finance literate, a desperate student, an experienced advisor, an early graduate, a promising banker, a brilliant startupper, a young manager, an innovative CFO, a curious investor o someone who just wants to learn how to take care of his personal finance. Finbox is what you are looking for. Aimed at expanding its financial offer, Smartweek wants to provide its readers with stock data, market analysis, models, spreadsheets, business plan guidelines, new ways to understand finance, learn how to manage your money and, of course, how to make it.

A taste of what you can find on Finbox:

Fair Value Estimates. Stock value vs market price: what a company is really worth?

Financial Models. Discover historical financials, Discounted Cash Flow, Comparables and directly download your model in the most useful format (Google sheet, Excel file, CSV)

Model Builder. Select your assumptions (growth rate, margins, capex, tax rate, wacc, terminal value) and get to your own, customized forecast

Stock Screener. Find stocks that meet a given criteria, monitor your favorite companies adding them into your Smart Watchlist and get notifications when you’re away.

Enjoy our new section and remember: Greed is good, Smart is better.