Cattolica Global Markets Magazine

Cattolica Global Markets Magazine (CGMM) is the first Cattolica students’ magazine on finance and economics. It gathers a network of
undergraduate and postgraduate students from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, which encourages and supports the association. CGM Magazine aims to be a source of information, analysis and insights for the students, animating life on campus with meetings, debates and events. Headquartered in Milano, CGMM’ s goal is to deliver financial news and analyses to the international financial community, with attention both to the quality and to the clearness of the contents, through online publication  of original articles on a regular basis. Integrating deep domain knowledge with sharp analysis, CGMM is an online resource that helps readers to better understand the forces that drive the market and the economic and social phenomena that shape our world. The insightful coverages of key market developments and analyses of the drivers behind its changes help readers to understand the complicated economic processes taking place in the global financial environment.