Family & Governance: a Woman’s Challenge?

EY research on Gender and Family Business has shown that women’s leadership in family business is by far larger than in any other type of businesses and that their presence brings to an increase in the profitability.

What makes Family Businesses more gender neutral than all other firms is the unique tie that is created in the workplace between the familiar and the business sphere. This particular environment emphasizes cohesiveness, inclusiveness, balance between family life and work, and as such is a better fit for female leadership development .

What are the data to support this white, or rather, pink hope? 70% of family businesses are considering a woman for their next CEO, and 30% are strongly considering a woman for the top spot. Based on this, Women in Business is organizing an event together with Bocconi Students for Family Business to better understand what are the challenges and opportunities in family businesses for female managers. How do women manage family business and how do they exercise their leadership role?

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Our guests Veronica Buzzi, vice president of Unicem and Cristina Scapparino, general manager of Neoceram, will tell us how they behave in executive and non executive roles in their experiences. Veronica Buzzi after having worked as a consultant, is now vice president of her family business operating in the cement industry and member of Aidaf Association.

Cristina Scapparino, is currently managing a family business in the ceramic industry in Brussels, but she has several previous international experiences in financial and accounting department.

With these two different and strong personalities we are ready for a double interview conducted by Guido Corbetta, to learn new tips for growing up as business women as well as the main difficulties or opportunities that a family business brings. Save the date, 13th April 6pm Università Bocconi, Milan. For more updates, follow the event on our Facebook page. Join us!

Alessandra Biglia and Elena Robino

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