Five Female Influencers to Watch in 2016

Blythe Masters

As influencers are breaking boundaries about the notion of “woman’s job”, it is important to mention and appreciate female innovators, leaders, and creators out there changing the industries they are working in and even changing the world itself!

–  Blythe Masters 

Blythe Masters

Former senior executive at J.P. Morgan, Masters is currently the CEO of FinTech company Digital Asset Holdings. During her 27 years at J.P. Morgan she had several roles and was the initiator of the Global Commodities division. Digital Asset Holdings  was founded in March 2015 and is currently backed by many acclaimed companies. Digital Asset is a blockchain technology firm which is set to change the finance game with its technology that will improve efficiency and security of ledger services for assets.

If you are a female student looking for career opportunities in finance, you probably came to realize how male dominant the business is, which could be discouraging for you. Yet, leaders like Masters shows us that it is possible to create your own path, and make change within the company you work or go on a new journey with a new start up.

–  Carolyn Rodz 

Carolyn Rodz

Are you a woman with great ideas who wishes to get mentorship and new connections, and help to raise investment for your initiative? Carolyn Rodz and the Circular Board is here to help! Former investment banker turned entrepreneur, Rodz is a successful businesswoman who was the President of interactive marketing firm Cake Communications helping companies and startups to get the most growth and opportunity. In 2013, she founded Circular Board to empower fellow female entrepreneurs by assisting them with business plans, resources and mentorship.

When I went through the official website of Circular Board, I started to wish partnering up with them for my future projects. Looking at her story and her accomplishments, Carolyn Rodz seems perfect for the job of assisting other women to achieve their dreams. She is on my watch list because I strongly believe as you empower women, you empower the world.

–  Karen Blackett

Karen Blackett

As the Chairwoman of MediaCom  where she has been working for several years with many managerial roles, she is now overseeing the work of and advising to the management team. She pioneered the launch of an apprentice program where the company tries to reach young people to join the team to create a more diverse workforce and work environment.

In a world where some people still manage to doubt the abilities of others who are from different sex, races or ethnicities, I admire Karen Blackett for breaking all these prejudices. Regardless of any background, every single individual could achieve things and become great at their jobs. I look forward to following Blackett to see what she and MediaCom will bring to marketing and advertising in the future.

–  Alice Bentinck 

Alice Bentinck

A former McKinsey consultant, Alice Bentinck taught herself how to code and went into the tech business. Now as the Co-founder of Entrepreneur First, she and the team are trying to help out talented people with great ideas to achieve their goals in technology industry by funding them and helping them to find the perfect team. Bentick was also one of the founders of “Code First: Girls which provides free coding classes to women.

As some countries started to teach coding in schools recently, it is an important skill to get if you want to pursue a career in tech. Bentinck showed us that you can do it yourself, and she and the Code First team are ready to even help you for it! Let’s hope that they will start their international and online activities soon!

–  Samantha Payne 

Samantha Payne

The Co-founder and COO of Open Bionics, Samantha Payne and the Open Bionics team tries to create bionic hands for amputees and for people who were born without hands. With her business knowledge and her background in digital marketing, she is trying to get Open Bionics to the next level as a global brand which is reaching many in need all around the world.

If you are following tech news, it is easy to see how robotics is changing the game in many industries. It is always great to see female leaders in such change maker roles like Samantha Payne. She and all the aforementioned influences are burying notions and labels determining the “suitable” jobs and/or industries for women. It will be amazing to watch how Open Bionics will keep on changing lives with cutting edge technology.

Irem Arici

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