Niagara 2022: Ontario hosts Canada Summer Games

Canada is a land with distinctive and evocative traditions, even in sports, and one of them is the Canada Games.

This is a multi-sport event similar to the Olympic Games, but specific to Canada. The Games are held every two years, between summer and winter, and they are a very important event, for the development of the country’s young athletes.

In fact, Canada Games are divided into summer and winter. Some of the previous editions have seen Red Deer, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Niagara Falls as the star locations of this sports competition.

When did Canada Games come into being?

The first edition of the Canada Games was held in Quebec in 1967, on the occasion of the country’s centenary.

Although several prizes have been awarded to the various provinces since the first edition in 1967, only Ontario and Quebec have won Canada Games.

In the early 2000s (2007), for the first time, the Games were presented outside the 10 Canadian provinces, in Whitehorse, in the Yukon Territory.

The patronage of the Canada Games Council

The Games are held under the patronage of the Canada Games Council, a body that provides continuity, guidance and support. It is the governing body of the Canada Games that provides stability as the competition moves from city to city, supporting the host city’s organizing committee.

Canada Games are also the glad result of collaboration between the government of the country; the provincial and territorial governments; the host municipalities, and the private sector.

Indeed, this sporting competition has enabled the host cities to invest more than $250 million in various infrastructure projects. An excellent opportunity for host communities to expand, improve or build new sports facilities.

Canada Games: a competition that brings together thousands of athletes

The Canadian athletes who participate in the country’s Games are a selection of the best according to age group.

These take part in the Games by representing their provinces and territories, competing for medals and prizes. From Canada Games, athletes emerge who will represent the country at not only the national, but also the international level.

The competition brings together thousands of athletes, both able-bodied and athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities. It is the largest multi-sport amateur event in Canada.

As an event that alternates between summer and winter, the competitions encompass more than 30 different sporting disciplines, showcasing the best of the sporting scene in Canada.

Another goal of the Canada Games is to ensure an heritage, a lasting legacy to communities from coast to coast.

The 2022 edition of Canada Games

But when will the 2022 Canada Summer Games be? This year’s Canada 2022 Summer Games Niagara, will start on 6th August, Saturday, and end on Sunday 21st August.

Ontario’s summer will feature more than 5,000 competitors and their coaches coming together to take the podium at Canada’s largest multi-sport event for young athletes, and thousands of volunteers will participate to make this beautiful competition possible

The 2022 summer competition will feature 18 different sports, including a rugby sevens (women’s) competition and the return of Lacrosse after a 37-year absence from the Games.

This 28th edition of the Canada Games will also be the third time the event will be held in the province of Ontario.

Quite an achievement, given that Ontario is the first Canadian province to launch its own regulated slot games program and betting sport .

In short, a brilliant generation of new athletes will compete to make their mark not only in Ontario, but in the rest of Canada, uniting and inspiring Canadians through the power of sport.

Conclusions on the Canadian Summer Games 2022

The Canada Summer Games – Niagara 2022 edition – will be a celebration of the wonders of sport, art and culture. The Games will showcase extraordinary heritage, hard work and innovation in the location of one of the world’s most majestic places.

Niagara’s community is ready to welcome tens of thousands of spectators, families, and volunteers. This, to amuse them not only with sport, but with lively events, spectacular entertainment, and breathtakingly scenic settings to reinvigorate this Canadian province with new energy.

We eagerly await the opening of the Canada Summer Games to be held from 6-21 August 2022, where the Niagara region will be in the spotlight across the country.

The Games continue to be an opportunity for storytelling that will inspire generations to come.


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