The Happy World of Iris Rüdel

We met Iris Rüdel, class 1973: she is a german artist who lives in Munich and she studied Interior Design at University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim. Iris has a unique style and fills her artworks with incredible colours. Her works are bright and are able to communicate strong enthusiasm for life and optimism.


It is not by chance that Iris chose “Painted with love” as her personal motto. Then, not surprisingly when we have a look at her paintings we cannot fail to smile e to be in a good mood. Nevertheless, there are some different thoughts beyond certain paintings which show a profound concept of human life. In this interview, made in a rainy day under a dull sky in Milan, Iris will explain it personally to Smartweek.

We visited your website and we read what you hope to communicate to people: can you tell us the keypoints about your art?

“In general, my goal is to catch something which makes me feel good and impresses me. I always choose any positive thing which can give me energy, joy… I build an idea on my mind and I paint a subject which I think is lovely, like cows and kids”.

You  illustrate kids and cows in a very impressive way: what’s the deeper meaning of your choice?

“For example, when a three-years-old child wakes up he smiles: this is what I want to discover in my day. I admire them because their brain is completely free from adults’ problems and they simply enjoy life. I feel these feelings of fun and joy and I just transport them on canvas: for this reason I always use brilliant colours like pink. I focus on the eyes because they say everything about a person! I’m a very happy person and I think that in our society there are no reasons to complain, we have everything we need to live happily”.

Cows eyes in particular are very natural, realistic, nearly human. Why do you choose them?

“I choose cows eyes because, as I said before, they’re the mirror of the soul. Beyond a cow there’s a human character: it’s me. It’s like a self-portrait”.

Talking about bags, why did you choose this kind of popular accessory?

“It’s popular because every woman is after bags. It’s an object which can represent your personality, what’s inside you. But it’s also a status symbol. Otherwise, I like to show the inside of a bag because there you can find a woman’s secrets, her history”.

Where do you find inspiration for your artworks?

“Literally everywhere. For example, this morning I was at Armani Store here in Milan and I saw a group of umbrellas on the floor. They were colourful and, from my point of view, they seemed to be actually a piece of art. But in general I find inspiration while travelling: when I went to Rotterdam I was impressed by the multicoloured  variety of boats and little harbours that are throughout the city”.

Are you attracted by Italian art?

“Italian art has always been famous since the beginning, it had and it has the power to influence the rest of the world. Then, in the past italian artists were able to create astonishing works even if they had to stay still and uneasy, for example Michelangelo while painting Sistine Chapel. He was obsessed with it!

Are you planning an exhibition in the near future?

“Yes, the next one will be in Karlsruhe, Germany, in April. I’ll come back to Italy for my exhibition in Rieti at Palazzo Vecchiarelli, Via Roma 57”.