9 women who make my daily Instagram dose worth it

9 women who make my daily Instagram dose worth it

If I were to be bluntly honest with myself, I would have no choice but to admit the rather significant part Instagram plays in my daily routine. No novelty in this, sure, we all agree it captures us, more or less, with its same beguiling ways, having become a real need – to the point where a contemporary updated Maslow’s pyramid would probably have to add it somewhere in between belongingness and esteem. But why is it that when you hear someone ranting about the social media topic, chances are, the talk always carries a negative vibe?

The focus is placed on how it triggers us to waste valuable time, on how it manipulates (though the key word is influences) our tastes & the overall market trends, or the worst, on how it juggles with our expectations & perception of ourselves (and others), determining tons of comparisons and unneeded criticisms. Regardless, I would like to believe we have reached the point where we should be able to see the bigger picture, with both its “bads and goods” – and this is why what comes next will shed light upon (some of) those who are setting Instagram on the good side of history through their social media activity and coverage, namely, 10 women I faithfully check up on when in dire need of inspiration, motivation, “wokeness”, rawness, guidance, storytelling and so on.

Before we dive in, it is worth mentioning this is not a ranking, but a randomly organized list, purely formed on (maybe subjective) views, with a dash of strategic input, in the sense there were chosen those accounts with regularly posted content. After all, we all know timing is everything, so it would be ideal to avoid the situation where a virtual visit to our “guru” of choice would not imply an empty Instagram story, or a “posted x days ago” message. You can count on the ladies below to be there for you when needed!


  • Eva Chen (@evachen212) – Director of Fashion Partnerships @Instagram

If I usually am against judging a book by its cover (job title in this case), with Eva Chen you get delivered what you ordered – and there is nothing wrong with that! Having an insider show what is like to work in one of the “hottest” companies of our times, what is like behind the closed doors at the “it” events of each season, or what is like being pals with the stars that you low-key obsess over, is just the right type of motivation to keep you going through your challenging tasks, and at the same time, nurture those glamorous dreams we all have.

  • Elaine Welteroth (@elainewelteroth) – Former Editor-in-Chief @Teen Vogue

Elaine is a mountain of work ethic & passion. Having evolved from the publishing industry, now writing her own book and presenting at various panels & conferences, her Instagram coverage will not only include moments from her daily life, spent in such a qualitative way, among other inspiring peers (example: Karlie Kloss), but it will surprise you with rigorous, though highly inspiring pieces of advice, intended to get you out of your comfort zone.

  • Caroline Calloway (@carolinecalloway) – Storyteller *the genuine & authentic kind*

When I said “the authentic kind”, I really meant it. Caroline is probably the only person I follow who transmits a vulnerability so raw & honest, that it becomes powerful, truly moving. Having spent most of her life in New York, interning at places like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, she applied to Cambridge for an Art History degree 3 times before finally being accepted – talk about perseverance. I sometimes feel she almost revolutionized the concept of Instagram caption, properly storytelling her fantasy life while in Cambridge.

  • Sarah Bahbah (@sarahbahbah) – Photographer

Instagram began as being all about aesthetics, the dream playground for a photographer in these digital ages. What Sarah managed to do, and stand out this way, was to mix the visual art of photography with words, creating a new mean of expressing herself. A photograph does indeed tells a thousand words, but when it also includes a short phrase, the admirer is challenged to combine its own views with the thoughts of the artist. Scrolling on Sarah’s feed is like a breeze of fresh air for your eyes & mind, regardless of your tastes in art.

  • Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur) – Poet

Contemporary poetry – Rupi’s Instagram in 2 words. Now a well-known published author, with 2 bestselling books, “milk and honey” & “the sun and her flowers”, Rupi’s popularity began on social media, where she vulnerably revealed her main quality, laying in her authenticity when writing on topics like love, loss, identity, femininity or simply, beauty. Being a pioneer in the world of digital poetry, what makes her different from other poets is her closeness to her fans, successfully using Instagram to create the sense of community.


  • Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg) – Climate Activist

If you haven’t heard of Greta Thunberg yet, you might need to reassess your priorities a bit. First thingsfirst:coming from Sweden, atonly 16 years old, shehasinitiatedthe schoolstrike for climate awareness back in last year’s autumn, being now a worldwide known figure in matter of climate change. It is her pure dedication to the problem, along with her fragile age, that make her account so inspiring, literally proving how everything is possible when you put your mind on it, and prepare to face the obstacles.

  • Doina Ciobanu (@doina) – Influencer *in the real sense of the word*

When I say Instagram, you say influencers! I think we all agree we need the good kind of influence, not just the one bearing fashion and trips – and well, Doina influences for good. Not only that she has a keen eye towards art direction, making some usual Instagram posts transmit a cinematic effect, collaborating with high-class brands, but she realistically involves in the ethical aspect of fashion, sustainability. She aims to encourage her followers to become more conscious and culturally informed, to constantly look beyond facades.

  • Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen) – PublicFigure *not just for thelooks*

We are all on the pursuit of achieving our goals, be them professional or personal, we are taking them more serious than anything – but learning to maintain a balance, and see things from a lighter perspective (sometimes), can count a lot. Chrissy shows you to do that: she was a model, she became a wife & mother, she is now writing cooking books, but what never changed is the fact she kept her focus on being her true self. As a social media phenomenon, when she is not debunkingtaboos, she mocksInternettrolls, andsimply is adelight to follow.

  • Yourself (@your Instagram handle) – The Only One Who Really Matters

I was always a firm believer in the idea we are the only ones in charge with the impact of everything we experience, and following this thought, Instagram makes no exception. Who we follow, how we react, or what we post, are all “elements” totally dependent on us, on our personal interpretation, on what we want to make out of something. So, to end it just as bluntly honest as I began, you are the only one making your daily dose of Instagram to be fully worth it (or not), once you decide what you want from it.

-Stefania Manescu, WiB

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