The Chilean Government Wants To Give You 32 Thousand Dollars

Chile?! Yes, Chile!

You might wonder why you should care about Chile, a country somewhere in South America, given that probably the only thing you know about it is that a guy called Augusto Pinochet ruled it for about 16 years at the end of the last century.

Nowadays Chile actually stands out for its political and economic stability, it leads the Latin American nations rankings in human development, competiveness, income per capita and economic freedom according to the United Nations development programme. Since the 2013 Chile is also considered by the World bank a high income county and currently its economy is growing at a pleasing 4.1 % annual.

Another crucial point is the network of countries Chile has signed free trade agreements with. Starting from a 2003 FTA with the United States which lead to a 60% increase in bilateral commercial ties going through Chile’s agreements with China, that overtook the US in absolute terms in 2006 accounting for the 66% of the total trade Chile does with Asia. That is rather impressive considering that investments to Asia have been increasing on average by 7% annually during the last decade.