180 Degrees Consulting, Improving the Effectiveness of Non Profit and Social Enterprises Around the World

Why should you choose 180 Degrees Consulting?

Because we’re able to offer high-quality consulting services without the usual price tag. 180 Degrees Consulting connects the untapped capabilities of university students with the unmet needs of socially conscious organizations.

The process is mutual beneficial.


Italian branch: Bocconi’s 180 Degrees Consulting

One of the most active branches in Italy is Bocconi’s one. Smartweek met with some of their consultants to understand the main characteristics of their work.


Why did you found 180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi?

When in May 2014 Federico Ratini told me about 180 Degrees Consulting for the first time, I was immediately convinced that it was the perfect initiative that embodied my values and ideals, and that we absolutely had to bring it to Bocconi.

But the successful birth of 180 Degrees Consulting is definitely the byproduct of a collective effort: soon it was not only Federico and I but we found three other students engaged in the same initiative: Federica, Roberta and Vincenzo, of our same year of studies. The five of us started this project and we were determined in creating something that lasted and that would allow to use Bocconian skills to serve local NGOs through concrete and real projects.

Federico and I already had experience in association and that definitely helped, especially due to the bureaucracy needed to fund an association, but altogether we were able to combine our skills and we managed, after a couple months, have the official confirmation by the international board that we were a new branch. Then it was already September, and we had to enlarge the student-consultant base: we had to do the first recruitment! That period was definitely one of the most intense, only 5 of us to select 15/20 more students.

The energy, the time spent, the attempts to find first clients/partner… (even if not all successful), none of it would have been possible without a deep conviction that we were doing something extraordinary, so if I had to summarize our first intention of funding 180 Degrees Consulting it is definitely the following: we felt we were doing something incredible, but most importantly, I still believe it was and it still is. 

We wanted not only to serve local NGOs, to enhance social impact, to increase effectiveness of non profits, but we wanted to transmit our passion to other students, to share the energy we had, to meet other people that like us felt the need to be part of something and have an impact. We wanted to create a new social impact community”.

 What are you thoughts about the association?

I believe 180 Degrees Consulting has been growing a lot since we started our branch, we witnessed an exponential increase in number of branches and of international awareness over social issues in general and that nurtured the enthusiasm toward 180 Degrees Consulting initiatives. Of course it is not easy to create something that lasts but I believe we succeeded in doing it, as we found amazing people to carry on 180dc mission, and I believe that is also what is happening worldwide, the association is getting stronger and people are more involved in it.

My feelings overall are that maybe we could gain more strength if there were more occasions to share experiences and best practices with other branches not only internationally but also at the Italian level. I believe in the huge potential of 180DC but I don’t think we have reached the maximum yet, so we can still work towards empowering the branches and enlarging the community worldwide”.